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Generic Viagra: Amazing Oral Treatment for Impotent Men

Generic Viagra is currently the most extensively used male impotent medicine and is seen as the new “wonder” pill in the history of science.

One of the bestseller erectile dysfunction curing medicine is generic Viagra. There is no doubt that this pill has earned big success in the medical industry when it comes to treating male impotence. However, this is one expensive kind of pill, majority of the men across the globe, without thinking much pay for it. In order to find a proper solution to buy this oral pill, many manufacturing companies are producing it at a much fair price.

What causes erectile dysfunction in men?

We all know that erectile dysfunction is the inability in men where attaining a strong penile erection gets difficult. Lack of blood supply to the male organ is one of the major underlying causes of impotence that further shows its way to a man suffering with erection failure problem. There are other health conditions too, which are held responsible in making a man impotent. The very common health issues are depression, stress, high cholesterol, kidney disorder, lung problems and so on. Consumption of alcohol and smoking are also the two main causes that lead to impotency.

Buying generic medicines at online stores

There are majority of the men who prefer buying such generic medicines from online stores. This is because the pills that online stores offer consumers are priced least and as a result, this saves more short, we can say that this pill is easy on the pockets. There are times when men do not have the time to buy these medicines by visiting the pharmacy shop or they feel lazy to visit the nearest medical store to grab this generic pill. To reduce human effort and make shopping an easy task, generic Viagra medicines are brought online.

Apart from these benefits, one good thing about buying generic medicine online is that it saves time and money too. Common person though cannot afford to pay a heavy price for such pills find it hard enough to cure his problem. However, with internet which is seen as a boon in this world, many men have been hooked to this kind of easy buying mode of technique.

Contents included in generic Viagra pills

Sildenafil citrate is the active chemical compound found in generic Viagra medicines. This is a classic anti-impotent chemical ingredient that promises to cure male impotence problem as soon as possible. The active element is very effective in its working mechanism where it first does the work of broadening as well as relaxing the penile muscles. This further ensures that there is good amount of blood flow in the male organ.

When this pill is consumed, it initially stops the action of PDE5 enzyme that triggers blockages inside the blood stream and allows impotent men to attain a strong erection. After this, it produces the cGMP enzyme that enhances the flow of blood in impotent men. Man becomes able to maintain the desired penile erection in the intercourse or lovemaking act with his partner.

Time of action

Generic Viagra is taken with a glass of water and merely takes thirty to forty five minutes to completely dissolve in the bloodstream of the men. After that, men must receive a perfect penile erection that he can sustain for longer hours. This powerful medicine allows men to have four to five longer hours of sexual act with his partner.

The manufacturers of generic Viagra has even begun to produce new version of this pill and they are oral jelly, soft tabs, professional etc.

Generic Viagra soft tabs are an active treatment meant for impotent men. Besides the fact that this medication is unlike the solid tablet kind of pill in appearance, they are one of the most suggested medicines by many health experts till date. One good factor about this medicine is that it is taken without water and when taken, it gets mixed with the saliva. Old aged men prefer consuming such medicines, as they are easy to digest and give the same effect as generic Viagra does. This amazing solution is simply placed inside the mouth and it mixes with the saliva. Men receive erection faster; he becomes free from impotence and lives a pleasurable life with his partner.

The other branded Viagra solution is oral jelly, which comes in a gel, based form solution. Men still today consider this amazing kind of treatment to cure impotence. Men need to take this solution at one time. The power of this pill as a result stays for five longer hours. This is kept in the mouth that quickly dissolves in the bloodstream. Hence, man becomes able to act well in the sexual act with this powerful therapy.

Avoid heavy meals before the consumption of generic Viagra

For all those men who are suffering from impotence, here is a suggestion that could be very helpful. Men must try to avoid eating heavy meals before taking this medicine. This is said because heavy meals only disrupt the action or effect of this solution on the impotent man.

Dosage of the pills

Generic Viagra comes in the standard dosage of 100 mg pack. Apart from this, these pills are even available in 25 and 50 mg respectively. Men can prefer any of these as per their choice. These are the recommended dosages that men must intake for a successful sexual act. Relying on how well it works, the health expert or the health provider might increase or decrease a man’s daily dosage.

What are the common side effects of this pill?

Like all other medicines, generic Viagra too show up a few side effects when it is consumed. The very common adverse effects from this pill are sinus congestion, facial flushing, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, constipation and blurred vision. If heart stroke or heartburn, high blood pressure and others show up grave signs on the individual, men must immediately rush to the doctor for precautions.

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